Construction starts again on Calgary’s 17 Avenue

FILE: Construction on 17 Avenue S.W. Global News

After pausing construction for the Calgary Flames’ playoff run, work along the Red Mile has started again.

Road and utility construction on 17 Avenue S.W. began Monday between 8 Street and 10A Street S.W., with local detours in place. Work will continue along to 14 Street S.W. in mid-May, to complete the final third of the planned renovations that began in 2017.

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One-way traffic along 14 and 15 avenues S.W. will extend to 12 Street S.W. later in May, with 16 Avenue S.W. being converted into a two-way street between 10 and 14 streets S.W.

“Our focus is to get the work done and be off the avenue as soon as possible this year,” Peter Rudolf, City of Calgary project manager said in a statement.

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“While we’re focusing on getting the work done, we’re also making sure the avenue stays open for people to enjoy the area. We’re keeping all sidewalks and accesses open to businesses, retailers and restaurants.”

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