Student arrested for wrestling fake alligator at Florida mall days after trying to RKO principal

Click to play video 'Florida teen arrested after wrestling fake alligator in video shared online' Florida teen arrested after wrestling fake alligator in video shared online
A Florida teenager was arrested on April 15 after a video he shared on Instagram showed him wrestling and damaging a fake alligator at a shopping mall.

A Florida teenager was arrested after video shows him taking off his shirt and jumping into a water display at a shopping mall and wrestling with a fake alligator, days after the student attempted a “finishing move” on a school principal.

Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was arrested Monday after video appeared on social media showing the teen going full WWE on a life-sized plastic alligator in an artificial pond at a shopping centre.

The footage shows Sosa-Hernandez picking up the fake ‘gator, tossing it into the water before jumping off a rock, attempting to land an elbow onto the plastic display piece. The tough guy is then seen picking up the fake gator and performing the “finishing move” known as “RKO” (named after wrestler Randal Keith Orton), on the lifeless alligator.

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“He pretended to wrestle the alligator and later posted the video on social media platforms,” Miami-Dade Police Department said in a statement.

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Police said the student “damaged the display alligator,” which is valued at over US$3,500.

His arrest comes just days after Sosa-Hernandez attempted to perform the same wrestling move on his high school principal. The 18-year-old was charged with battery on a specified official/employee and interference with an educational institution.

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As the Miami Herald notes, the teen faced the same judge in less than a week’s time, and she chastised Sosa-Hernandez over his recent activities.

“You got to find something else to do. I mean, really,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Renatha Francis said. “You’re just going to keep coming back here and keep being a media sensation for all the wrong reasons.”