Political dodgeball: Trudeau, attack ads and housing allowances

OTTAWA – It’s been two weeks since Justin Trudeau returned to Parliament Hill as Liberal leader, but he and the attack ads launched against him have been making headlines ever since.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was forced to defend his party’s use of public money to buy flyers attacking Trudeau.

But many Conservatives would rather not talk about it or a series of televised ads launched against Trudeau.

On the Senate side, Mike Duffy couldn’t escape questions about whether he had paid back his housing allowance. The first time he was asked by Global National’s Mike Le Couteur if he had repaid, Duffy refused to give a straight answer. One day later, he said he wasn’t sure he was “required” to repay the money, instead he’d wait for the release of an external auditor’s report. The next day he released a statement saying he had repaid the money.

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Here’s a look at the highlights of the dodges on Parliament Hill over the past two weeks.

Produced by Global News’ Michael Haslett.

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