Brampton woman in botched Botox fraud case receives jail sentence

A Brampton woman who was found guilty of fraud and assault after pretending to be a registered nurse and administering Botox and fillers to woman causing injuries was sentenced on Thursday.

Shiva Ashkani was sentenced to two years less a day in jail and three years probation.

“Although this sentence won’t eliminate any of the pain and suffering the victims have endured, it’s a closure in this chapter and hopefully may help in a small way to help them move forward,” Toronto police Det. Dave Purvis told Global News on Thursday.

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“The victims in this matter were hoping that Ms. Ashkani would be sentenced for a longer period of incarceration. However, they understood the limits that the judicial system has in certain situations.

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The assaults happened while Ashkani pretended to be a nurse between February and August 2015.

During her three-day trial in 2017, court heard the owners of “Tanning is the Lifestyle,” a tanning salon on The Queensway, found Ashkani on Kijiji when they were looking for someone who could perform cosmetic services for her customers.

The owners said they met with Ashkani, who presented a diploma that showed she was a registered nurse. She also said she had worked as a nurse in Toronto and Beverly Hills for 13 years.

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Two of the three victims met Ashkani through the tanning salon and believed she was a nurse.

One woman testified she paid $700 for Botox and fillers in her forehead which she said resulted in bleeding and pea-sized bumps. She said she felt ill after the treatment and had blackening around her eyes for three weeks. She also said she developed a “hole” in the middle of her forehead.

Another customer said she paid $800 for treatment and noticed the skin around her eyes was discoloured and raised.

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The third victim said she found Ashkani’s advertisement on Kijiji and invited Ashkani into her home in February 2015. She said she paid Ashkani $850 for Botox and fillers and also had her perform a chemical peel at an office in Brampton.

The woman testified at the trial that after the peel she “felt burning and excruciating pain.” She told the court as she emerged into the waiting room, her eyes were almost swollen shut and she thought “she looked like a freak.”

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Click to play video: 'Woman in botched Botox fraud case is ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment'
Woman in botched Botox fraud case is ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment

All of the women said they consulted doctors after the botched treatments by Ashkani and in some cases said they spent thousands of dollars to fix the damage done.

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Ashkani was originally set to be sentenced on Nov. 7, 2018 but was ordered by the judge at the time to undergo a 30-day fitness assessment first.

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