Brampton woman charged for allegedly posing as fake nurse, injecting Botox

WATCH ABOVE: Police have charged a Brampton woman, who they say fraudulently claimed to be a nurse, after investigators allege Shiva Ashkani performed botched Botox procedures on a number of unsuspecting customers. Catherine McDonald has an exclusive interview with an alleged victim.

TORONTO – Toronto police have charged a Brampton woman for allegedly performing botched Botox injections on clients solicited through the internet.

Shiva Ashkani, 40, has been charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, one count of threatening death, one count of failing to comply with probation, two counts of assault causing bodily harm and two counts of fraud under $5,000 after two victims came forward.

It is alleged the accused fraudulently portrayed herself as a registered nurse and used the online website Kijiji to solicit clients.

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Police said Ashkani would respond to clients on the telephone and arrange meetings at their home, a business or hotel.

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One of her alleged clients, who spoke to Global News under condition of anonymity, said she spent $800 to have Botox and fillers injected into her face at a business along the Queensway by a woman she believed to be a nurse — but she says she worried something wasn’t right.

She’s now going to police, after learning two more women had adverse effects from botched procedures.

“I can still notice a bump and I still look not exactly the same in a picture,” said the alleged victim.

She says she went to the business to have the injection done because “it was just convenient.”

“There’s been a lot of action or interest on her ads on Kijiji so we’re hoping people will come forward,” says lead investigator Det.-Const.Dave Purvis.

Police said accused would allegedly receive cash for her services with the cost of the Botox injection in the thousands of dollars.

Investigators are uncertain if the Botox injections were real or if the medication was safe or store correctly.

Police say both victim have sustained adverse reactions to the injections and could face long-term health effects from the procedure.

“I feel like she violated me,” said the alleged victim.

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She says she woke up the day after the procedure with itchy skin and a rash.

“My throat started getting really itchy and closing up so I went to the emergency room,” she said, adding that two days later she went back to the E.R.

“My throat was closing, I was having a complete anxiety attack, it was really freaking me out, I’ve never had an allergic reaction like that in my life.”

One of the original two victims who went to police told Global News under condition of anonymity that she paid for 90 units of botox and one syringe of the filler called Revanesse.

She said she had bruising around her eyes and a fever, adding that the botox didn’t work and still has what she describes as “holes” in her forehead.

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The alleged victim said she confronted the accused and that’s when she was threatened with death.

“On paper, it did look like the accused had the right qualifications to administer botox, ” said Purvis.

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Ashkani was arrested on Aug. 23 and appeared in court on Aug. 24. She remains in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

Dermatologist Dr. Julia Carroll recommends those considering cosmetic procedures do research on the products, who’s administering the injection, and where it’s being done.

“You need a medical consultation from a physician, ideally a board certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.”

Police are urging anyone with information on the accused or further victims to come forward.

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