Concern grows as man impersonating police officer spotted again

A Calgary police cruiser . Global News

CALGARY – Police say there’s been another sighting of a man believed to be posing as a police officer. 

On Wednesday, authorities warned the public about a man in a silver or white sedan who had twice pulled people over with the use of flashing red and blue lights.

Officials now say another incident has been reported.

A man was driving in the Ranchlands area just before 11 p.m. on Wednesday, when he was pulled over by two men in a four-door silver sedan.

The victim was approached by the driver of the sedan, who warned him he was speeding, then drove off.

The driver is described as about 20-years-old with a medium build and black hair. The passenger in the vehicle is described as about 20-years-old wearing a hoodie.

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Police say the incident is one that worries them.

“These people are breaking the criminal code of Canada for impersonating a police officer,” says Staff Sgt. Guy Baker. “This is something that concerns us, and we’re going to make sure that it stops immediately.”

Although they remain unsure of a motive, officers say if people are unsure about a vehicle pulling them over they should call 911.

In addition, police are also reminding the public of what they can expect when being pulled over:

• The majority of Calgary Police Service traffic stops are conducted in marked vehicles or in unmarked vehicles driven by police officers dressed in full uniform.

• Marked CPS vehicles are always equipped with red and blue lights on top, which are always activated during traffic stops.

• An undercover officer wearing plain clothes may conduct a traffic stop in an unmarked vehicle, using a red/blue -coloured strobe light. The lights in these vehicles can be located inside the grill or in the vehicle’s interior.

• Police officers are required to carry identification at all times and drivers have the right to ask them to see that identification.

• A driver should never exit his/her vehicle during a traffic stop, unless they are asked to do so by a police officer.

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• When conducting traffic stops members of the Calgary Police Service usually approach the vehicle they have pulled over in a reasonably prompt fashion. They always identify themselves as members of the Service.

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