Vehicle crashes, lands sideways in a ditch in Peterborough

One man has been taken to hospital after his car landed in a ditch in Peterborough. Global News

One man was taken to hospital after his car crashed into a ditch in the north end of Peterborough on Sunday.

The collision happened around 3 p.m. on Water Street near the Peterborough Zoo. Andrew Harman, who lives nearby, heard the crash and immediately went to the scene to help the driver out of the vehicle.

“He had maybe a red mark on his head — very surprised that he’s not more injured than what he is — but he was definitely shaken up,” said Harman.

He said the man appeared to have no broken limbs.

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“I’m like, ‘Is anybody in the car?’ And they said yeah, so me and the other fella (who heard the crash) made sure (the driver had) no broken limbs, and we pulled him out. That was scary. From what we saw, my dad was astonished that somebody walked away from that,” Harman added.

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Emergency crews say the vehicle took out several signs before landing sideways in the ditch.

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