Line-ups greet patrons as Millennium Library implements new security procedures

Users wait to get into the Winnipeg Millennium Library Monday, Feb. 25, 2019.
Users wait to get into the Winnipeg Millennium Library Monday, Feb. 25, 2019. Josh Arason/Global News

Winnipeg’s biggest library started checking patrons’ bags for weapons, alcohol and other prohibited items Monday.

The Millennium Library will now screen users who wish to enter, and those who do not want to undergo a bag search or waved down with a screening wand will be denied entry.

Line-ups greeted people as they tried to get in on Monday.

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Ed Cuddy, manager of library services, said earlier this month that the enhancements are to keep staff and patrons safe.

“The safety and well-being of visitors and staff is a priority at the Winnipeg Public Library,” said Cuddy.

“These security enhancements will help keep Millennium Library a safe, open and accessible space that meets the diverse needs of the community.”

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When patrons enter the library, they will be guided to a screening area where they will undergo a bag check, as well as a scan using a hand-held metal detector.

Any prohibited items will be removed or discarded before the person will be allowed into the library.

The city said there is no storage space for prohibited items at the library, and illegal items may be confiscated and reported to the Winnipeg Police Service.

-With files from Sam Thompson and Brittany Greenslade

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