Valour FC’s new mascot comes in like a lion

Vic the Lion strikes a pose. The new mascot for Valour FC made his debut Saturday. Michael Draven/Global News

Winnipeg’s newest professional sports team has a new mascot.

Valour Football Club announced the addition of Vic the Lion as the city’s newest fuzzy cheerleader on Saturday.

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Vic, who sports the team’s burgundy jersey, yellow eyes, adorable schnozz and a full head – whoops, we mean mane – of blonde fur, will join the likes of Goldie, Mick E. Moose and Buzz and Boomer to round out the Winnipeg sports mascot family.

Valour FC’s inaugural season will get underway at Investors Group Field later this spring.

Vic poses with children at the Winnipeg Soccer Federation North complex on Leila Avenue Saturday. Michael Draven/Global News

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