Holy cow: Boisterous bovine causes a ruckus in Bible Hill

A Holstein dairy cow is shown on a farm south of Montreal, Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

A cow got loose in Bible Hill, N.S., Thursday afternoon, resulting in several traffic disruptions and delayed dismissals at schools.

Nova Scotia RCMP say they received a complaint at 1:15 p.m., of a cow running through the streets of Valley and Bible Hill.

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Police say the cow escaped its enclosure in nearby Salmon River, and it was a danger to traffic and pedestrians as it ran down streets, through backyards, and wooded areas of the primarily suburban area.

Officers were forced to keep traffic controlled in areas where the cow was running until it eventually found its way onto a frozen section of the Salmon River where it was contained by workers.

It was then secured and returned to the enclosure.

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Police say minor property damage was reported in the wake of the cow’s adventures, and two local schools had dismissal delayed briefly until the cow was out of the immediate area.

No one — including the cow — was injured.

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