Natalie Eva Marie on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ eviction: ‘People are losing it’ in the house

Natalie Eva Marie was evicted from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house on Feb. 8. Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Natalie Eva Marie’s run on Celebrity Big Brother has come to an end after she left the house on Friday in a double eviction.

The former WWE star was the first to leave in the double eviction, followed by Canadian comedian Tom Green.

A unanimous vote sent Marie home, but the speech in which she was supposed to convince her houseguests to keep her in the Celebrity Big Brother house ended up being more of a goodbye message.

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She hugged everyone on the way out the door but briefly shook hands with Green instead.

Global News spoke with Marie the day after her eviction, and the former Total Divas star told us her thoughts about her time in the Big Brother house and who she thinks may take the whole thing.

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Global News: I totally thought I’d be talking to Lolo [Jones] before you! I thought you’d be in the final two for sure. What happened?
Natalie Eva Marie: (Laughing) I know! I thought so, too! But this is Big Brother and things always twist and turn, and unfortunately, we were up on the block at the same time and here I am.

Does it feel weird to be out of the Big Brother house?
It does, 100 per cent. And not only that but I was so close — so, so close. And I just missed it by a tiny bit. It’s bittersweet for sure. 

Do you think your alliance with Lolo [Jones] was a disadvantage in the house? Because a lot of people saw her as an easy target because she couldn’t control her anger as well as you could or hide her emotions.
You know what, I actually don’t. I think, if anything, Lolo [Jones] and I totally showed like how two female, independent, fierce competitors can come together and not only are we both competing — I mean, obviously, want the cash prize at the end —  but loyal to each other. We were ride-or-dies all the way to the end. And, if anything, I feel like that totally helped us both get as far as we have. Clearly, she’s in the finals, and I couldn’t be more proud.
Pictured: Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie. (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images).
You guys were one of the most loyal alliances I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history so it was really nice to watch, but who do you think will win it all?
Right, I feel like we were, too. I’m obviously going for my alliance so I would be happy if Ricky [Williams], Lolo [Jones] or Tamar [Braxton] came out and won. Especially because, girl, trust me: I have been up all night talking to my husband. He was giving me the lowdown on those live feeds, and Dina [Lohan] and Kandi [Burruss], they could definitely take several seats. I hope they get knocked out of the house immediately.
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What’s the worst part of being in the house?
You know what, I had such a frickin’ amazing experience in my house that I can’t tell you. I don’t have a worst experience but I guess the worst part was being super aware of changing. You can only change either in a shower stall or the bathroom. I think that was possibly the worst part. But once we got the hang of it, it really wasn’t that bad. But other than that, my experience in the house was awesome.

Was it hard adjusting to the fact that people were constantly watching you on the live feeds?
Yes! I was chatting with my husband last night, and it’s so crazy. Once you get into the Big Brother house and the competition begins and everything started, I forgot people were watching 24-7. If anything, I wish that I talked to my parents and my husband a little bit more. You’re just doing your daily life — well, in the Big Brother house, so whatever that might consist of — but you forget that you’re truly live for all of America to see you. I think that’s one of the things that’s really, really crazy but it wasn’t one of the things that you have to adjust to because it’s something that you forget about.

Who was the hardest to live with?
I’d say Tom Green. I did not know him outside of the Big Brother house so all I can really talk about is how Tom Green was while he was in the Big Brother house. And, mind you, it is a highly stressful situation. There is no type of outlet or release other than if you work out you’re able to use the gym, but you don’t have a phone, you don’t have books, you don’t have any other type of outlet that you’re used to in your normal, day-to-day life.

The Tom Green I got to witness and see inside the Big Brother house, I would say he was probably the most difficult to live with because he is literally a roller coaster. You don’t really know which Tom you are going to get on an hour-to-hour basis. And that was kind of difficult.

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Does that mean you were happy to see Tom Green get evicted following your eviction?
Of course, I was. Working with Lolo [Jones] was amazing because even though we are competing and we’re all going for that No. 1 spot, I think for me I am so proud to show the world that two women can come together. And I’m sure if you watch it all — and I’m sure you did —  you can see that Lolo and I didn’t have to hitch our wagon to any male in that house. We got rid of three male twosomes and we were running our own. We were the captains of our own ship and doing whatever we wanted. And if that isn’t female empowerment, I don’t know what is.

Do you feel like some people in the house are unravelling as time goes on?
One hundred per cent, people are losing it. 

Do you watch any other reality TV other than Big Brother?

I used to be a reality TV junkie. Obviously, I come from reality TV from being on WWE and Total Divas. I loved my little reality TV fixes. But there is nothing like Big Brother, hence why they’ve been around for 22 seasons and are killing it. It is truly one of a kind; there is nothing like it.

I’m a huge fan of Total Divas. I think it was nice to see you on a different reality show where the girls aren’t ganging up on you or being mean to you and making you feel like an outcast. It was really nice to see you with your own strength and not have to deal with that type of drama. Would you ever do a spinoff with Jonathan similar to what the Bella Twins have done?
Thank you so much for saying that, and I think that was why I’m proud of Lolo and [myself], too, and even going out last night because it was nice to have that friendship in the house. We were loyal to the end, and I think that’s awesome. And would I do a spinoff show with Jonathan? You know what, if the opportunity came up, yeah, for sure.
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What’s next for you in 2019?
Oh my gosh, so much! I’m actually planning an announcement in two weeks on another project and then, right before I came into the Big Brother house, I just wrapped a TV show called Paradise City and I’m really excited for everybody to see that series because it’s crazy and hopefully it should be out in the summer. My fashion line, NEM Fashion, is dropping something new monthly. There’s a lot of things that are coming out in 2019 because it’s all about global domination, baby!

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs multiple times each week for three weeks, with the two-hour finale on Wednesday, Feb. 13 on Global.


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