Kato Kaelin talks ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ his bromance with Tom Green

Kato Kaelin in the diary room on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'. CBS/Global

Things change very quickly on Celebrity Big Brother. Case in point: houseguest Kato Kaelin, who went from the top to the bottom in a matter of a week.

After his close buddy Tom Green won the Head of Household, the twosome ran the house and held most of the power. Then, in a turn of events, Tamar Braxton won her first HoH competition, shifting the power greatly.

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Both Kaelin and Green saw the writing on the wall, and it was down to the two of them at the eviction ceremony. They each thought they were going home, but in the end it was Kaelin packing his bags and heading out the door.

Seen as a big threat throughout this second season of the American Celebrity Big Brother, Kaelin’s torch was snuffed out.

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Global News: How are you after that eviction?
Kato Kaelin: I’m happy, everything is wonderful. I’m glad to be home, no hard feelings.

Things change really quickly in the house, don’t they?
It’s incredible how fast they change. There’s a showbiz saying — “always leave them wanting more” — and I hope I left them wanting more! [Laughs]
Your friendship with Tom [Green] was really something.
As I told Julie [Chen-Moonves, the host], Tom and I have a real friendship. It’s not made-up. It’s honestly going to last the rest of my life. Our team of two is really one, and I believe it. Tom goes all the way now.

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You think Tom is going to win the whole thing?
Yeah, I do now. He has power. I think the final vote, with the rest of the cast/jury, they’re going to vote for Tom over anybody else. We played with honest duplicity. We said what we were going to do, and we did it. We got scammed and I knew I would be voted out.

When I first saw the cast, I thought, ‘I don’t know how good Kato is going to be.’ But then you ended up being one of the strongest competitors.
I’m obviously a fan now … but the thing is, you read people sometimes. You can tell when people are lying. I trusted the girls at the beginning, and Ricky, … but everything we said that was going to happen, happened. We predicted it, we had chances, and it would have been a totally different story had we won those challenges. Tom and Kato, final two.

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Do you feel like some people in the house are unravelling as time goes on?
I’ll tell you, yes. Lolo is … you know, people have these tempers and start shouting. If you noticed one thing between Tom and I, we never lost our sense of humour. We never stopped laughing. The spirit of the show should be fun, so when people were negative, it kind of ruined the vibe. I realized the people that I would actually hang out with are very few.

We would just say, “Let them fight. Let them tear each other apart.” [Laughs] I didn’t survive, but you’ll see: the strategy that we formed together is going to work out for Tom.
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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs multiple times each week for three weeks, with the two-hour finale on Wednesday, Feb. 13 on Global.


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