Los Angeles Rams’ Brandin Cooks surprises team custodian with Super Bowl trip

Los Angeles Rams’ Brandin Cooks surprises team custodian with two tickets to Super Bowl LIII
WATCH: Los Angeles Rams' Brandin Cooks surprised their team custodian Alfonso Garcia last week with two tickets for him and his son to attend Super Bowl LIII, adding they needed him there in the stands supporting the team as he does daily with his work.

On a daily basis, Alfonso Garcia does his job as a custodian for the Los Angeles Rams without expecting recognition. But on Jan. 24, just days after the Rams secured their spot in the Super Bowl, he received a surprise of a lifetime — tickets to the big game.

Garcia received the tickets to Super Bowl LIII last week when he was brought into a room by wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who is seen on video holding a large placard.

Cooks, in collaboration with the Rams organization, arranged for Garcia and his son to attend the Super Bowl, and according to ABC News, flight and hotel accommodations are also being covered.

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“You mean so much to us and you know that, and you’re special in what you do around here, and everything that you do does not go unnoticed,” Cooks tells Garcia.

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The day porter appears quite stunned as he takes the large placard and gets a hug from Cooks.

Calling it a “dream come true,” Garcia comments it was his dream to one day attend a Super Bowl game.

“I get to take my son because of you guys,” he says. “I don’t know what to tell you … Thank you … I am so honoured.”

Fellow receiver Robert Woods informed reporters about the gift, USA Today reports, and he said it speaks to Cooks’character.

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“I walked by and just happened to see that encounter,” Woods said. “That’s the type of teammate he is, and a leader.”

Cooks also told the day porter they needed him out there shouting and supporting the team.

This will be the Rams’ first time in the Super Bowl and Cooks told USA Today he wanted to make it special for Garcia, because he was a “special soul” and works to keep their locker room in “tip-top shape.”

The Rams face off against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Ga.

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