800-pound Theo the pig has new digs, new friends on Vancouver Island farm

Click to play video 'Theodore the pig is now checking out his digs' Theodore the pig is now checking out his digs
WATCH: Theodore the pig is now checking out his digs

It took some pleading, some prodding, and some pastries, but after a day of travel Theodore the 800-pound pig has a forever home.

The large pig has been living in foster care with the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) for the last eight months, after being found loose on the Fraser Highway.

On Friday, LAPS unloaded Theo at A Home for Hooves Farm Animal Sanctuary in Duncan, where he’ll be cohabitating with another newly arrived pig, Lillian.

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Aside from a little horsing around, it appears the two will be fast friends.

“You never know, pigs can get into some pretty wicked fights, especially when they first meet each other,” said Michelle Singleton, A Home for Hooves founder. “So far so good, I’m impressed.”

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WATCH: Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig

Click to play video 'Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig' Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig
Meet Theodore the 800 pound pig

Theo’s day started with an early wakeup call, and Nina Jensen-Foght with LAPS said he wasn’t particularly thrilled about climbing aboard his transport vehicle.

“It was a rough start this morning for sure, Theo was not feeling it about getting into the trailer, he was not interested in getting in willingly, and with patience and some coaxing and love and some yummy Valentine’s Day donuts and cookies he finally decided to comply, or cooperate I should say and climb in,” she said.

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The next stop was a berth aboard a B.C. ferry, where Theo attained a little celebrity status — and, apparently an honorary commission.

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Ferry crews tweeted a photo of the porker, adorned with a maritime cap, adding they were ‘squealing’ with excitement to support him in his journey.

Then it was on to A Home for Hooves where Theo needed little in the way of encouragement to find his new enclosure.

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Meet media sensation Christopher the Travelling Pig

Jensen-Foght said the sanctuary was chosen from among a number of candidates because of its reputation and resources.

“This really came down to a decision based on the amount of experience Michelle has,” she said.

“He’s going to have awesome vet care whenever he needs it. He’s always going to have a safe forever home and be spoiled and loved just the way he has been when he’s been in our care, and that’s important for us.”

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That perfect fit wasn’t guaranteed from the start. Singleton said she initially wasn’t going to take either Lillian or Theo because she didn’t have the infrastructure to handle them.

“So once I decided I was going to take Lillian and I heard that Theo still hadn’t found a home, I offered to be a backup if they couldn’t find a suitable place because here he’s safe, he’s not going anywhere, and he’s going to have Lillian as his partner,” she said.

Once the decision was made she launched a crowdfunding campaign and was able to fund $10,000 in new fencing and shelters.

Jensen-Foght said she can’t argue with the results.

“I think he’s super excited to be here now, and unloading him was just shockingly easy, and he’s already making such good friends.”