Lisa Batstone knew what she was doing when she killed her daughter: Crown

WATCH: Crown delivers argues their case in Batstone closing arguments

Crown counsel says Lisa Batstone had a motive when she killed her eight-year-old daughter, Teagan, in December 2014 and, contrary to defence’s argument, the murder was not impulsive: it was intentional.

Lisa Batstone is on trial for second degree murder.

It’s alleged she smothered her daughter with a plastic bag until she died.

Defense began closing arguments on Monday in Supreme Court in New Westminster.

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Crown counsel began presenting closing arguments Tuesday afternoon.

Crown pointed to a psychiatric assessment by Dr. Douglas Maskall, a forensic psychologist, who also testified during the trial.

WATCH: Defence argues Lisa Batstone ‘didn’t perceive reality’ when she killed her daughter

Defence argues Lisa Batstone ‘didn’t perceive reality’ when she killed her daughter
Defence argues Lisa Batstone ‘didn’t perceive reality’ when she killed her daughter
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During the assessment, Maskall says Batstone said, “She looked so peaceful sleeping and I wanted her to be with Jesus.”

Batstone was referring to her daughter on the night in December 2014 when she killed her.

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Another witness also testified that Batstone said she’d initially considered using a knife to kill her daughter, but she instead used a plastic bag.

During closing arguments on Tuesday, Crown also read other quotes from Batstone, arguing her words prior to killing the child indicate she thought about her actions and had a clear motive.

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Crown says Batstone’s warped intentions were still intentions, arguing killing to protect the child is still an intention to kill.

Crown also says the amount of alcohol in Batstone’s system was very low, so impairment cannot be used as a defence.

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Expert witnesses have said they could not conclude Batstone did not know what she was doing was morally wrong.

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According to Crown, there’s no other way to interpret Batstone’s comments other than to say she wanted to cause Teagan’s death.

With closing arguments now over, the decision is in the hands of Madam Justice Murray. A verdict is expected in March.

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