Animal psychics visit Toe Beans Cat Cafe for fundraiser

Animal psychics visit Toe Beans Cat Cafe for fundraiser

Toe Bean Cat Cafe in Port Hope has cats, but they usually don’t have clairvoyants. But on Sunday they held an animal psychic fundraiser.

“They are doing readings for animals, pet parents and also taro card readings,” said owner of Toe Beans Cat Cafe, Alice Glover, at the event on Sunday.

For just $30, you and your pet could have the pleasure of knowing the future. And your pet didn’t even need to be there. The psychics needed only a picture to make a prediction.

“I don’t need to see the physical animal,” says Deb Stanton, psychic and medium. “I can work with a picture on the phone or a hardcopy picture or just a description. That way the animals don’t have to travel and they aren’t stressed out.”

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Thirty per cent of the funds raised will go to the Northumberland Humane Society, which takes care of homeless animals.

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“It’s a local charity so they really rely on outside funds to take care of homeless animals and so we like to give back because they supply us with cats and that’s our main draw here,” Glover said.

The café is proving successful. Forty-one cats have been adopted since it opened at the end of September. The owner is overwhelmed and grateful for the support.

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“We’ve actually had to start pulling cats from municipal animal services out here as well because the humane society will start to run out,” Glover said.

With that kind of good fortune, the future for cats in this community is looking bright indeed.