Medical team accidentally runs over injured soccer player’s foot, adding insult to injury

ABOVE: Medical staff drive cart over injured soccer player’s foot.

An injured soccer player had his foot accidentally run over by a medical team’s cart before he was stretchered off the pitch, adding some insult to his injuries.

During Sunday’s Under-20 match between Brazilian soccer clubs Trindade AC and Flamengo, Trindade’s Bernardo went down with an apparent injury early in the match.

Video shows a medical cart rolling up on the field to assist the injured player when the driver of the vehicle accidentally runs over Bernardo’s foot, causing the footballer to wince in pain, rolling over while grabbing his cleat.

The video appears to show the driver and passenger having a bit of a laugh at the downed player while the game’s commentator also has a bit of a chuckle over the incident.

However, Bernardo wasn’t seriously injured as he returned to the field a short time later, with his team going on to win the match, according to Globo Esporte.

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Soccer truly is a beautiful game.

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