Pointe-Claire’s Pioneer pub sold, owner ready to ‘close this chapter’ and move on

The Pioneer in Pointe-Claire on Monday, May 28, 2018. Felicia Parrillo/Global News

Pointe-Claire’s Pioneer pub has been sold, owner Diane Marois confirmed, saying the documents were signed at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

In a statement, Marois said she is ready to “close this chapter of my life and move on.”

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“I do not want to dwell on what has happened to date but do hope that this is a cautionary tale for all of the villagers that have raised the loudest fuss: if you don’t value local business when you actually have the chance, you have no right to complain when it is lost,” she wrote.

“At the end of the day, this is, after all, a business, and no business can survive without customers.”

Marois told Global News that she cannot give any details about plans for the site because buyer Greg Koegl of Koebra Development Corporation still has to meet with the City of Pointe-Claire as well as face resident opposition to his development project.

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She notes that $100,000 is still needed to repair the building, which is more than 117 years old, following the recent floods.

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Flood hits Pioneer Bar – Nov 26, 2018

Any modifications to the site will still have to be accepted by the public and the Pointe-Claire Historical Society, after the city’s demolition committee rejected the developer’s original plans to build condos.

“We’re still at a standstill. We’re still very hopeful. There’s a lot going on in the next few months that will prove to be quite interesting,” said Tracy McBean, a resident who opposes the development.

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Pointe-Claire Mayor John Belvedere notes that the developer is working with the city’s urban planning department to come up with something acceptable.

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“Nothing has really changed on the city’s thoughts. All we’re doing is waiting for him to come back with a new project,” he told Global News.

“He still has the right to demolish but only providing that his plans get approved by the city. He’s only allowed to do what the city and the bylaws and the zones allow him to do.”

The structure originally opened as a hotel in the 19th century before becoming the Pioneer in 1979.

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“I’m still hoping that they’re going to restore it, the developer will back away from this and realize that this is not an issue that’s going to go away,” McBean told Global News.

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“This is not what we want. We don’t want condo gentrification on a main street of a historical village. It’s a special place, and [the condo project] still does not belong, no matter how he sizes it down.”

“We’re going to have to do a bit more work as soon as they get in the building, but buildings in worse shape have been brought back to life. Residents just have to keep their voices strong.”

Koegl has until the first week of April to submit his plans to the city. Marois says she wishes him “all of the luck and success with whatever they plan to do.”

“Their success will, no doubt, be a success for the community so rather than fight them, I think everyone should do their best to support them,” she wrote.

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Koegl has yet to return Global News’ request for comment.

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Residents, including McBean, plan to attend the next council meeting on Jan. 15 at city hall.

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