Emma, Evelyn, William were most popular baby names for 2017 in Guelph

Take a trip through the last century to see which names were the most popular among the various decades.

The Ontario government has released a list of the top baby names for 2017 in Guelph.

Emma and Evelyn were the names that were registered the most for girls, while the No. 1 boy’s name in the Royal City was William.

Across southwestern Ontario, the top boy’s name was Benjamin and newborn girls were most often named Olivia.

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Provincially, Olivia was also the top choice for baby girls whereas newborn boys were most often named Noah.

The government also released a list to celebrate 100 years of registering names in Ontario.

Marie and Joseph were the top baby names of the century, but neither ranked in the top 20 in 2017.

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