November 30, 2018 1:24 am
Updated: November 30, 2018 12:55 pm

Move over Knickers, California’s ‘ginormous’ Cowboy the cow may have you beat

While "Knickers" has made headlines after being found to be an extremely large cow in Australia, a California town is claiming they may have one that's even bigger named "Cowboy."


A California cow may have Australia’s own massive bovine Knickers beat with its owner claiming it’s a few inches taller than the behemoth who has made headlines around the world.

The cow, named “Cowboy,” can be found on a farm in Ramona, Calif. and is said to stand 6’6″, or 198 centimetres, and weigh approximately 3,000 pounds, or 1360 kilograms.

According to Knickers’ owner, the Australian bovine stands 194 centimetres, or about 6’4″, and weighs 1,400 kilograms, or 3,086 pounds.

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Lindsey Crouse, Cowboy’s owner, told Fox 5 that she found him about two years ago, after his previous owner died.

She said he was “starving” and at the time, there wasn’t a plan when the owner passed away.

“He is very sweet and loves treats from people,” she told KUSI.

The cow is “ginormous,” big enough to take up an entire three-horse trailer, which Crouse said is seven feet tall.

She told KUSI that Cowboy is “tied up” with the Guinness World Record for largest steer.

The current world record for tallest cow belongs to Blosom, who stands 6’2″.

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Veterinarians told Fox 5 that, unlike Knickers, a seven-year-old fully grown bovine, Cowboy is only four years old.

Crouse said she has seen the video of the enormous steer, and while she believes Cowboy may be slightly smaller, he’s still growing.

“The last we measured, which was about a year ago, he measured just a little bit under the recorded Guinness Book of World Records’ largest steer,” she said. “He’s about the same weight but he’s still young, so he’ll be growing for another year, maybe two years.”

Though she’s unsure why he’s so big, Crouse said he does eat about 100 pounds of food a day “easily.” It costs about US$30 a day to feed him too.

“He’s pretty famous in Ramona,” she added.

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Cowboy also may be bigger than Manitoba’s own giant bovine, Dozer, whose owner Karl Schoenrock told Global News is almost 6’5″.

The Kismet Creek Farm in Canada took ownership of the steer after he grew too big to continue its life on a beef farm.

Much like Knickers and Dozer, Cowboy is too big to process in a meat facility, meaning Cowboy has also been saved from the dinner table and will be living out his life at Crouse’s Serenity Acres Horse Rescue.

So all three cows can live happily ever after relaxing on their respective farms while also making their rather large presence known to the world.

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