Supersized steer in Steinbach a big attraction at Kismet Creek Farm

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Enormous steer in Steinbach
At almost six foot five inches tall, Dozer, the gentle giant steer is becaming a big attraction – Nov 28, 2018

He stands at almost six-foot-five and is just six years old but Dozer the steer is also a part of the family at the Kismet Creek Farm.

“I had never seen a steer this big in my life,” Kismet Creek Farm owner, Karl Schoenrock said.

Dozer started life on a beef farm, but got so big so fast, his owner decided he needed to be somewhere where he could enjoy the rest of his life.

“I knew where he was, wasn’t where he was meant to stay. I knew a sanctuary would be ideal and he would be able to live out his days happily,” Dozer’s owner, Rebecca Hansuchuk said.

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“We got contacted by this lovely lady named Rebecca, Dozers mom, and she was looking for a home for him … she wanted him to go to a sanctuary where his friends would stay with him his entire life,” Schoenrock said.

Hansuchuk contacted the Schoenrocks and knew Dozer would be welcomed with open arms.

“It is the best feeling in the world to know he’s happy here. It’s nice to have everyone coming and being able to see his personality and see how he’s such a gentle giant,” Hansuchuk said.

Kismet Creek Farms takes care of livestock and allows their guests to pet the animals.

If you’d like to see just how big Dozer is for yourself, head to the Kismet Creek Farm in Steinbach.

Dozer the steer is almost six-foot-five-inches tall.

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