Ottawa should give 91-year-old veteran a bed at Halifax hospital: Tories

A Canadian flag patch is shown on a soldier's shoulder in Trenton, Ont., on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. The Canadian Press/Lars Hagberg

The Nova Scotia Tories say Ottawa should give a 91-year-old veteran a bed at Halifax’s Camp Hill hospital for war vets.

Veterans Affairs critic Alfie MacLeod says the federal government should reverse its decision denying Gordon Smith a bed at the hospital.

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Smith wasn’t a Canadian citizen at the time of the Second World War, but served with the British Royal Navy during the war and then put in 18 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force after immigrating to Canada.

An undated handout photo of Nova Scotia PC Veterans Affairs critic Alfie MacLeod. Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia

MacLeod said all Canadians who served in the military should be treated with respect.

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He said Smith served Canada for decades and Commonwealth soldiers fought and died together during the Second World War – service he says should mean something.

MacLeod said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has botched the Veterans Affairs file far too many times.

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