85-year-old MLA gets into the slang game touting Liberal leader’s ‘turnt right up’ performance

Premier John Horgan and Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson following the Electoral Reform Debate at Global Television in Burnaby, B.C. Thursday, Nov., 8, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward.

Liberal MLA Ralph Sultan has some advice for premier John Horgan: “check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

The 85-year-old MLA known for his sense of humour and use of slang terms has responded to Horgan’s debate performance.

The B.C. premier made headlines during Thursday’s debate on electoral reform with BC Liberal opposition leader Andrew Wilkinson on Thursday when he said, “If you were woke, you would know pro rep is lit.”

“If you were really woke you would know that your PR non-answers last night ain’t gonna cut it. The only thing lit last night was Andrew’s performance,” said Sultan in a video response on Friday.

“His performance was cool, hoppin’ and turnt right up.”

This isn’t the first time the one of the oldest MLAs in B.C.’s history has tapped into the urban dictionary.

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Earlier this year the BC Liberal caucus posted a video online of Sultan, MLA Donna Barnett and Wilkinson having lunch together.

Both Sultan and Barnett, who is 75-years-old, joked with Wilkinson about being more relatable with young voters.

“Andrew, I’m going to tell you what the kids that are hip and with it are talking about, because I think you need some help,” quips Sultan in the video posted in June.

“We are on Snapchat, we are eating a S**t-tonne of avocados and Instagramming it.”

Following Horgan’s ‘lit’ and ‘woke’ line, the term #prislit was one of the top trending topics on Twitter. The premier was asked about using the once-popular slang terms in a media scrum following the debate.

“I have two millennial kids and I saw a Liv Ullman episode about a woke support group, so no plan, just kind of happened,” said Horgan.

The episode was in fact from Tracey Ullman. Liv is a 79-year-old actor, Tracey is 58-years-old.

Vote PR BC, the official YES campaign group in favour of proportional representation, has been using “Pro Rep is Lit” as the centrepiece of its campaign to target young voters.


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