Surrey mayoral candidate blames low blood sugar for not answering key debate question

Click to play video: '‘Honest to god my blood sugar’s low’: why Surrey mayoral candidate Tom Gill passed on election question' ‘Honest to god my blood sugar’s low’: why Surrey mayoral candidate Tom Gill passed on election question
In a video posted to social media, Surrey mayoral candidate Tom Gill explains to CKNW reporter Janet Brown why he passed on a question at an election event in Guildford Wednesday night – Oct 11, 2018

Surrey First mayoral candidate Tom Gill says he’s had a couple of long days recently and his blood sugar’s been a problem, suggesting that’s why he couldn’t answer a key question at a debate Wednesday night.

“I took a pass because I wasn’t too coherent at that time. My blood sugar had gone out of control, honest to God.”

At the debate, Gill was asked: “What is your priority on crime and policing?”

“Pass,” he answered.

The response shocked many in the audience of several hundred, since crime and policing have been major issues in the civic election campaign.

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Gill stayed on stage and answered the remaining questions.

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“I have some issues with blood sugar and it got the best of me today,” Gill told Global News reporter Janet Brown following the debate.

When asked if Gill has diabetes, the candidate said it was “in the family.”

“It’s in the family; it’s genetic, yes but I’m not diagnosed with it,” he said. “I’m not fully diagnosed with it…it’s genetically in our family. I’m off today… my blood sugar is really low today.”

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Integrity Now’s Bruce Hayne also commented the long days on the campaign trail.

“There’s no question these campaigns are long and gruelling. They’re very long days; I was up at seven o’clock doing a candidate debate today on radio.”

Safe Surrey Coalition’s Doug McCallum said the campaign is energizing him and he’s on-the-go 12 hours a day.

“This campaign–I’ve been energized,” he said. “I’m passionate; I’ve been going 12 hours a day for over two months right now, seven days a week.”

Advance voting is underway and general election day is Oct. 20.


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