New $100M fundraising campaign Shine launches at University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge. Global News

The University of Lethbridge is launching Shine, a campaign for fundraising and engagement.

The campaign is seeking to raise $100 million for the school with a goal to increase alumni and community engagement.

In a release from the university on Thursday, President and Vice-Chancellor Mike Mahon said these goals are in step with the history of the institution and the university’s place in the southern Alberta community.

“This is a very bold campaign and reflective of who we are and where we originated,” Mahon said.

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“Our community came together 51 years ago with a similarly bold and audacious plan, pushing ahead to establish a third university in Alberta and changing forever the culture and economy of southern Alberta.

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“As we look ahead, this campaign will build upon what has already been established and push forward through groundbreaking research activities, new and progressive academic programming, community engagement initiatives and the realization of the Science and Academic Building.”

So far the campaign has raised almost $67 million from nearly 9,000 donors.

The university is hoping to connect with 20,000 alumni to help reach that goal.

“For us to be able to go public with almost $67 million raised speaks to the support we receive from local government, local business and industry and of course, local citizens,” chancellor Janice Varzari said in the release.

“It is a relationship built on commitment and a trust that we will deliver on what we have articulated as aspirations.”

The university says there are many ways residents can get involved in the campaign.

“There are multiple ways to get involved, including making a gift, attending a U of L event, volunteering or mentoring, or simply staying connected and sharing your story,” University of Lethbridge Alumni Association President Michael Gabriel said.

“An engaged alumni community translates to a stronger social and professional network for all U of L graduates.”

More information about the Shine campaign can be found online.


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