City of Surrey working to correct misinformation on LRT project

The City of Surrey says it’s setting the record straight when it comes to misinformation about light rail transit.

LRT project director Scott Neuman said there’s been a lot of incorrect information making the rounds — especially when it comes to the speed of the trains.

“We’ve done a lot in terms of public consultation, public engagement and communication,” he said.

“It’s difficult to reach all channels and correct everything that’s being posted, especially on Facebook and social media sites.”

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He said the trains will be designed for top speeds of 70 to 80 kilometres per hour. However, he says most of the time they’ll be going between 55 and 60 kilometres on the open stretches of King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue.

“It’s only going to be about a 13- to 15-minute trip from Newton into Surrey City Centre,” he said.

“There are certain groups that haven’t been maybe as informed, or aren’t aware of all the facts and details and nuances that are involved in this complicated project.”

Neuman said the average speed, taking into account stops and loading times from end to end, will be 25 to 35 kilometres an hour.

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