Pizza blamed for 2,300 hospital visits in the U.S. in 2017

2,300: That’s how many pizza-related injuries sent people to hospital in 2017
WATCH: 2,300 - That’s how many pizza-related injuries sent people to hospital in 2017

Roughly 2,300 Americans ended up in hospital last year for pizza-related injuries, according to U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

According to recent data, the CPSC estimates 2,300 emergency room visits in 2017 were associated with pizza. The government agency noted that patients were treated for injuries caused by (but not limited to):

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-Lacerations while attempting to a cut a pie
-Burns from pizza and oven pans
-Falling while carrying a pizza
-Falling in a pizza joint
-Falling out of bed while reaching for pizza

The pizza stats were included in the release of CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) injury data that is associated with consumer products and emergency room visits.

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The data also shows that an estimated 49,974 hospital visits were the result of injuries from personal grooming devices (not including razors, shavers or razor blades). Washer and dyers accounted for 24,290 trips to the ER while another 55,537 visits were caused by fridges and freezers.

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Over 3 million trips to the hospital were the result of injuries sustained from stairs, ramps and landings and floors, according to the CPSC data.