Mustard on pizza? NYC restaurant’s new topping a hit (and miss)

A restaurant in New York City serves pizza with mustard instead of tomato sauce. Would you try it?. Getty Images

Forget the great pineapple-on-pizza debate, we’ve now moved into condiment territory. The latest proposed topping? Mustard.

A recent tweet by Food Insider has left people both curious and confused — according to the blog, there’s a restaurant in New York City that puts mustard on their pizza.

Yes, instead of sticking to a traditional tomato-based or white sauce, Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza has opted for something a lot more yellow.

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Known as Detroit-style pizza (square-shaped, brick cheese and thick crusted), one of the restaurant’s partners Francis Garcia said he first got the idea for mustard-based pizza after picking up some Detroit-style pizza pans and trying the pizza in New Jersey.

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“Mustard pizza is actually a Trenton, New Jersey thing,” he said in a video for Food Insider. “It was born in a place called Papa’s Tomato Pies. A guy came in there, he was drunk [and] he was slurring and he was trying to order a mushroom pie.”

Garcia explained the storeowner at that time said, “Mustard pie? Give it to him!”

“They put the mustard on the pie with the tomato sauce and it was a hit.”

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Starting with a base of dough and mustard, pizzas are usually topped with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese — basically a glorified sandwich.

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#Repost @nycbestpizza ・・・ I have very rarely stumbled across this being done, certainly this is my first time seeing it in New York City: #mustardpizza. 🍕 I know. It sounds crazy. But I’m a fan. As far as I can tell, and as I said a few weeks ago, mustard pizza was, if not invented at @papastomatopies invented nearby by a pizzeria since closed. Papa’s picked up the tradition… and voila. 🍕 Here in Manhattan, it’s being done with #guldensmustard and extra cheese in Chelsea by @lionsandtigersandsquares. I’ve yet to hear the elaboration on the inspiration but am dying to hear how this came about. Mustard Detroit-style pizza is some kinda crazy Jersey-Michigan hybrid I have to wrap my head around. Unless… that is, this is also a Detroit thing I just don’t know about 😂 (Detroit pizza experts, weigh in please.) 🍕 How is it? Friends and colleagues compared it to feeling like you’re eating a hot dog but without the hot dog. That’s a familiar refrain. When @nytimes wrote about it at Papa’s years ago, that’s pretty much what they said. 🍕 I dig it. And everyone I offered a taste to loved it too. Or at least they told me they did and I said I had no horse in the game. 🍕 My only note here is that at Papa’s they brush the dough with mustard and then add sauce. I really dig the mustard-tomato sauce combo… the acidity becomes much more nuanced and fun. 🍕 Asked the manager if he’d do it that way for me next time and he said sure… so expect a follow-up post. — #pizzacowboy🍕🤠 #nycbestpizza #bestpizzanyc 🍕 #detroit #detroitpizza #nylovesdetroitpizza #chelseapizza #chelseanyc #lunchpizza #sliceofheaven #pizza #eeeeeats #pizzafordays #pizzaislife #lionsandtigersandbearsohmy #lionsandtigersandsquares #lionsandtigersandsquaresohmy ================================== #pizzalovers #pizzas #pizza🍕 #ilovepizza #pizzalover #pizzaparty #pizzapics #pizzagram #pizzatime #detroitpizza #detroitstylepizza

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On Twitter, many people had opinions on putting mustard on their pizza.

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Would you try mustard pizza? Let us know in the comments below.
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