Mustard on pizza? NYC restaurant’s new topping a hit (and miss)

A restaurant in New York City serves pizza with mustard instead of tomato sauce. Would you try it?. Getty Images

Forget the great pineapple-on-pizza debate, we’ve now moved into condiment territory. The latest proposed topping? Mustard.

A recent tweet by Food Insider has left people both curious and confused — according to the blog, there’s a restaurant in New York City that puts mustard on their pizza.

Yes, instead of sticking to a traditional tomato-based or white sauce, Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza has opted for something a lot more yellow.

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Known as Detroit-style pizza (square-shaped, brick cheese and thick crusted), one of the restaurant’s partners Francis Garcia said he first got the idea for mustard-based pizza after picking up some Detroit-style pizza pans and trying the pizza in New Jersey.

“Mustard pizza is actually a Trenton, New Jersey thing,” he said in a video for Food Insider. “It was born in a place called Papa’s Tomato Pies. A guy came in there, he was drunk [and] he was slurring and he was trying to order a mushroom pie.”

Garcia explained the storeowner at that time said, “Mustard pie? Give it to him!”

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“They put the mustard on the pie with the tomato sauce and it was a hit.”

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Starting with a base of dough and mustard, pizzas are usually topped with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese — basically a glorified sandwich.

On Twitter, many people had opinions on putting mustard on their pizza.

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Would you try mustard pizza? Let us know in the comments below.

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