Alberta and Manitoba RCMP resources now assisting search for missing 7-year-old boy

RCMP say search for missing 7-year-old boy now a recovery mission
WATCH: RCMP say the search for 7-year-old Greagan Geldenhuys is now a recovery mission, as family and friends continue to hold out hope. Katelyn Wilson reports.

Aug. 29 update: RCMP are continuing the search for Greagan Geldenhuys with assistance from Alberta RCMP helicopters, Manitoba RCMP divers, and other underwater recovery resources. The Saskatchewan RCMP says the Underwater Recovery Team is searching B-Say-Tah on Echo Lake. The helicopter team will begin an aerial search at 10 a.m. 

RCMP say the search for 7-year-old Greagan Geldenhuys is now a recovery mission, as family and friends continue to hold out hope.

“It’s what we are all running on right now- especially the immediate family,” family member, Matthew Nelson said.

“There’s still a chance, so we’re all hoping.”

The young boy was last seen Friday afternoon. Police believe Greagan was with his mother at the beach on B-Say-Tah on Echo Lake, sometime before her body was discovered at 1:45 p.m. Saturday.

“He’s a 7-year-old blonde hair, blue eyed little guy that just likes to be swimming. That’s really where this all started,” his uncle, Darcy Pantel said.

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Officers answering a call found the body of 47-year-old Tamaine Geldenhuys, on the beach near the Fort Campground in Fort Qu’Appelle, approximately five kilometers from where their vehicle was discovered near B-Say-Tah beach.

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While police haven’t found any evidence to suggest foul play, they won’t confirm the circumstances of Geldenhuys’ death. However, the family believes it’s swimming related.

“It wasn’t something foolish- it’s just a tragic circumstance that’s come up and it does appear to be swimming related,” Pantel said.

RCMP are now focusing their search efforts on the water with additional support on standby for a continued ground search if needed.

“This morning our police dogs conducted a ground search in that area at B-Say-Tah, as well as around Echo Lake,” Sgt. Drew Wagner, Fort Qu’Appelle RCMP said. “Currently, our underwater recovery team is the only effort that’s currently underway.”

The family has also set up their own command centre, with eight teams of around 50 people out searching. A Facebook page called Finding Greagan has also been set up for those looking to help.

“We’ve had friends and family showing up in droves really offering their support however they can- offering boats and there’s people we’ve never even heard of that are offering to help in the search,” Pantel said.

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“We probably have four to six boats doing shoreline searches, mostly focusing on Echo Lake- that’s where this all started. As time moves on we will likely move into Mission Lake and the river system as well.”

The investigation remains ongoing as the search continues into the coming days.