Metro Vancouver not worried about organic composting facility closing down in Richmond

WATCH: The composting company that has been causing a stink with residents in a Richmond neighbourhood is shutting down. Nadia Stewart reports.

Metro Vancouver isn’t worried that one of the region’s organic composting facilities is set to shut down, saying there’s more than a dozen existing alternates that offer the same services.

It said Harvest Power’s decision to close in Richmond doesn’t impact its Organic Disposal Ban or solid waste management.

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Spokesperson Don Bradley said that since Metro Vancouver introduced the Organic Disposal Ban in 2015, it now leads Canada in reducing the amount of organics going to the landfill.

“I believe over 90 per cent of single family residences and approximately 80 per cent of multi-family homes, as well as food services business and related, have access to organics recycling programs,” he said.

“It’s been a tremendous success, we think those numbers will continue to improve, in part because it’s really easy to do, and it’s the right thing to do.”

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Bradley said there are more than a dozen existing facilities that have enough capacity to take on what Richmond’s location currently collects.

“Residents and businesses within Metro Vancouver should feel very proud about their performance in this regard,” he said.

“At 62 per cent, Metro Vancouver has one of the highest recycling rates in North America and we aim for 80 per cent by 2020 and I’m pretty confident we’ll get there.”

Bradley said the amount of organics found in garbage has decreased nine per cent between 2014 and 2016.