Water conservation still important while levels look good: Metro Vancouver

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Water levels are looking good in Metro Vancouver, but we still need to focus on conserving — according to its chair of utilities commission.

Darrell Mussatto said we’re within the limits of where we should be with almost 70

per cent of water supply left, while remaining at Stage 1 water restrictions.

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“Traditionally we used to get lots more rain in June… July, into September, but weather patterns are changing and we’re getting longer, dryer, hotter spells,” he said.

“We’ve all noticed that, of course, with the fires, which means we have to make sure we have a good supply to last us if it is dry into September and October… last us right until November.”

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“So we have our water available to us should it stay warm and dry, and the new normal is that… we’re getting hotter, drier summers, most people can’t remember how hot and dry it’s been this year, they have not seen that in the past.”

Restrictions remain in effect until October.

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