New Brunswick election: Moncton Centre

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting process resulted in the creation of the new Moncton Centre riding. The district incorporated portions of the former ridings of Moncton East and Moncton North.


Liberal: Rob McKee

Progressive Conservative: Claudette Boudreau-Turner

NDP: Jessica Caissie

Green: Jean Marie Nadeau

People’s Alliance: Kevin McClure

Independent: Chris Collins (incumbent)



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The 2014 election saw two sitting MLAs compete for the newly-formed district of Moncton Centre.  

Chris Collins, Liberal incumbent for Moncton East, faced off against Marie-Claude Blais, PC incumbent for Moncton North.

Blais had served in the positions of Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Minister of Education in the David Alward government.

Collins would go on to defeat Blais and take the new seat. Collins earned 53 per cent of the vote while Blais earned 25 per cent.


Liberal incumbent Chris Collins retained the seat of Moncton East in the 2010 election, defeating PC candidate Karen Nelson.

Tory candidate Marie-Claude Blais defeated Liberal candidate Kevin Robart in Moncton North during the 2010 election.

Liberal Mike Murphy, the incumbent for Moncton North, chose not to re-offer for the 2010 election.