SLV’s three things to do for the weekend of August 17

Bolers are eye-catching and iconic campers.

With her weekly pick of fun things to do on the weekend, here is the rundown from CJOB Morning Show content producer Shannah-Lee Vidal.

1. Boler birthday

Winnipeg has a connection to many beloved things, such as Winnie the Pooh, Pizza Pops, and even James Bond.

Here’s another one to add to the list: The Peg is the where the Boler trailer was invented.

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If the name seems strange, you may know a Boler to see one: a square fiberglass camping trailer, that’s been rolling along since 1968.

This weekend’s 50th anniversary celebration at Red River Exhibition Park will be the largest ever gathering of Boler trailers.

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Boler enthusiasts will honour inventor Ray Olecko, who passed away in 2011, by meeting up and showing off their bolers.

Rick Mooyman, one of the co-organizers of the event, said Olecko’s creation started off with a patent on a fibreglas septic tank.

“Take that septic tank, put it upside down, put wheels on it, and a frame underneath, and that’s a Boler.”

While the anniversary party is officially sold out, there will be chance for people to see many of these fiberglass favourites on Saturday.

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Admission to Saturday’s Boler open house will cost $10 at the gate, starting at 10 a.m.

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More information on the event, and Boler trailers, can be found here.


2. The art of tease

A couple of night of shimmying and shaking are on the horizon.

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The 3rd annual Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival is this weekend, with performances Friday and Saturday evening at the Gas Station Arts Centre.

Burlesque is the art of tease, so while clothing will be seductively removed, there won’t be any nudity.


Dixie Cups at the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival. Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival
The 2018 Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival runs August 17-18. Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival
The 2018 Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival runs August 17-18. Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival
The 2018 Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival runs August 17-18. Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival/Bettina May

The headline performance will be Canadian born Dinah Might, who has performed on some of the world’s top burlesque stages.

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There will also be local performers at the events, including emcee Heather Witherdon, who is part of the dance group Chubrub.

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“You’re going to go out, you’re going to create something. People are going to support you while you’re creating it. They’re going to support you while you’re doing it,”she said.

“It’s an amazing feeling just knowing that you are not only accepted, but absolutely adored.”

For those aspiring burlesque dancers, the festival is offering daytime workshops at the Ted Motyka Dance Studio to teach you about things like stage presence, the art of the kick, and burlesque history.

More information on the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival shows and workshops, can be found here.


3. Pirates, vikings, and knights

You can let out your inner pirate, viking, knight, and even steampunk this Saturday.

The Swords and Sabres festival is a family-friendly event taking place this Saturday at Coronation Park in Norwood Grove.

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People are encouraged to dress up, whether they  wear a fancy costume, or put together their own DIY ensemble.

There will be cultural displays, battle re-enactments, bellydancing, and lots of activities for the little ones.

Ryan Roth Bartel, event marketing coordinator for Swords and Sabres, brings his own kids each year, and has lots of fun getting dressed up for the event.

“Some of the bigger events are really big and they are often hands-off. So, we try to bring more people in. Get them to build things, see things, touch things, do things. And foster that creativity, foster that imagination.”

Swords and Sabres begins Saturday at 11 a.m., and runs until 6 p.m., and admission is free.

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