Home and vehicle owners in Calgary assess hail damage after storm

Click to play video: 'Calgary home and car owners check for hail damage following storm' Calgary home and car owners check for hail damage following storm
WATCH: A Calgary auto body shop was busy Friday, dealing with more than 70 hail damage inspections before the noon hour. Joel Senick details the extent of the damage and explains why it's not always obvious to the eye – Aug 3, 2018

A Calgary auto body shop is working “non-stop” to deal with hail claims stemming from a severe thunderstorm on Thursday.

Kevin Shangai, the manager of Horton Auto Body & Paint, said the shop had seen between 75 and 80 vehicles damaged by hail before noon on Friday. It has been a few years since a storm lead to his crew handling this sort of workload, he said.

“[The damage] will range anywhere between $1,200 all the way up to $10,000,” Shangi said.
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One of the shop’s customers on Friday was 25-year-old Sarah Pucknell. She brought in her new car, which she received as a birthday present only months ago.

“I don’t know what that’s going to do to the value of it — it’s probably going to bring it down.”

Thursday’s severe thunderstorm produced heavy rain, strong winds and hail that was the size of golf balls in some areas.

Shangi said he called in extra staff to help deal with the claims.

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Vehicles weren’t the only thing in the hail’s path on Thursday.

Home inspector Gary Cunningham said anyone who suspects that their roof was damaged by hail should get it checked over, even if the damage isn’t obvious.

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“It won’t show from the ground,” Cunningham explained.

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“When we inspect a roof, we have to get up onto the roof itself or at least put a ladder up the eaves and look at it really close.”

Cunningham added that leaving hail damage on a roof for years can end up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars when they’re trying to resell their home.

“[If] you put the house up for sale and I do the inspection on it and we say, ‘Well, obviously now, it’s badly curled and heavily deteriorated, it’s obviously been hail-damaged many years ago.’

“Your insurance company may not cover you after that length of time.”

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