Teeth whitening thief turns himself in: Kingston police

Kingston police say two people who were involved in several thefts turned themselves in on Thursday. CKWS

Kingston police say two people involved in several alleged thefts — one of whom allegedly stole teeth whitening products twice in under 10 days — turned themselves in on Thursday.

According to police, on July 15, a 27-year-old Kingston man went into a store on the 1000-block of Midland Avenue. Police say he stole teeth whitening products and other items from the store with an approximate value of $450. Police say no one witnessed the alleged theft but it was recorded on video.

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Several days later, on July 18, the 27-year-old man entered a store on the 1100-block of Princess Street with a 25-year-old Kingston woman. Police say the two stole a television valued at approximately $400. Again, no one at the store saw the alleged theft, but police say it was recorded on security video.

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On July 25, around 2:30 p.m., police say the man once again stole teeth whitening products and other items from a store in the-1100 block of Princess Street — items valued at $225. Police say that store security confronted the man, but he then got away in a vehicle that was registered to the woman from the alleged July 18 theft.

On July 26, the two alleged thieves became aware of the investigation and then turned themselves in to police.

The 27-year-old man was charged with three counts of theft and the 25-year-old woman was charged with one count of theft.

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