Sacha Baron Cohen dupes ‘The Bachelor’ contestant

Corinne Olympios from 'The Bachelor.'.
Corinne Olympios from 'The Bachelor.'. Splash News / ET Canada

Sacha Baron Cohen continues to fool politicians and celebrities alike on his new Showtime series Who Is America? and his latest victim was The Bachelor star Corinne Olympios.

Disguised as an outrageous, billionaire Italian photographer named Gio Madando, Baron Cohen was able to dupe Olympios into claiming she’d done charity work in Sierra Leone, including saving the lives of 6,000 children – none of which had actually happened.

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The reality star endorsed the (fake) charity which was said to provide aid for Ebola victims in West Africa. She then posed in front of a green screen wearing a hazmat suit, with Baron Cohen’s character telling her the images would be Photoshopped into legitimate shots later.

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“Yeah, but they’re gonna know I wasn’t there,” Olympios worried during an interview segment about the volunteer work. Madando assured her that he runs the charity, so she didn’t need to be concerned.

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With the former Bachelor contestant playing along, the controversial comedian upped the ante, getting her to admit she saved a village of children from an evil war lord.

“There was a war lord in Sierra Leone and he wanted to do a massacre, and apparently he recognized you, and you can tell us the story?” Baron Cohen asked. “He was gonna do a massacre of this village, and what happened?”

Olympios paused for a moment in panic, before responding, “So he recognized me, and he was a really big fan… He was just really nice, actually, and he was really surprised to see me. I was surprised he knew who I was, and yeah, it was just really humbling.”

She added: “It was good because I saved 6,000 people. I feel like because I was so kind back and I was so positive back, it really helped with the whole massacre situation.”

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U.S. politician denounces Baron Cohen TV guns prank as ‘sick fraud’ – Jul 17, 2018

Unlike some of the politicians who fell victim to Baron Cohen’s new show, the 25-year-old Florida native is not taking the prank too seriously. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Olympios said “Hopefully people just see that it is a Sacha Baron Cohen prank. He’s pranked a bunch of people with big names. It’s light, it’s funny, it’s nothing serious.”

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“I hope people can see that and they’re not going to freak out about me saying certain things, because people that know me know that I’m a really amazing person. And so, yeah, I just hope that I don’t offend anyone, but none of it was serious anyways!”