Ontario man says eBay shut down sale of 6-year-old McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries

A photo of the burger and fries as seen on Dave Alexander's eBay account. via sharynrobyn/eBay

A southwestern Ontario man who was attempting to sell a six-year-old McDonald’s meal on eBay says he’s astounded the listing has been pulled from the auction website.

Dave Alexander said bidding on his burger and fries from 2012 was shut down because of an eBay policy that states any food sold on the website must be clearly marked with an expiry or use-by date.

“I’m still speechless about that. How do you put an expiry date on a six-year-old cheeseburger?” he told 980 CFPL host Mike Stubbs on Tuesday. He noted in a tweet on Saturday that he wasn’t selling the items to be eaten.

Representatives for eBay said the item was removed because it’s against policy to list “unpackaged or expired food.”

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Alexander, a resident of Staffa, Ont., about an hour north of London, said that he’s been contacted by people from around the world since he decided to offer up the vintage grub for bids on July 5.

“It’s been pretty over the top, really,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed for sure.”

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Bidding had started at $29, he said, and rose to $150 in the 18 hours before the ad was pulled.

Alexander told CFPL last week that it all started as an experiment borne out of curiosity. He said he had heard rumours that such meals would not go bad.

He claimed the plain cheeseburger and small fries, which were purchased in London, had been sitting on a speaker cabinet in his office since June 7, 2012.

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“Now we’re downsizing and I thought, ‘I’m not taking this cheeseburger with me!'” he said last week.

On Tuesday, Alexander said he still has the burger and fries and is holding on to them for now, though he has had some “extraordinarily strange offers.”

— With files from Jacquelyn LeBel, 980 CFPL

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