Ontario man puts 6-year-old McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries for sale on eBay

A photo of the burger and fries as seen on Dave Alexander's eBay account. via sharynrobyn/eBay

An Ontario man says it started as an experiment borne out of his curiosity.

“I had heard rumours about these things not going bad,” Dave Alexander told 980 CFPL when asked why and how he ended up with a six-year-old cheeseburger and fries.

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“We live on a farm, and things that we grow here go bad regularly and I thought it was an urban legend.”

Alexander lives in Staffa, Ont., near Exeter, and asked his daughter to stop by a McDonald’s to pick up a plain cheeseburger and fries when she was going into town back on June 7, 2012. It’s been sitting on a speaker cabinet in his office ever since.

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“Now we’re downsizing and I thought, ‘I’m not taking this cheeseburger with me!'”

via sharynrobyn/eBay
via sharynrobyn/eBay
via sharynrobyn/eBay
via sharynrobyn/eBay

Alexander put it up on eBay on his account sharonrobyn (named for his wife and daughter) on Thursday for $29, saying he priced it so that it would cover shipping if someone from across the world decided to bid on it. As of 2 p.m. Friday, bidding had reached $150.

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He added that he also received an offer to trade it for a two-year-old Timbit, but he’s not actually in the market for more “old food.”

“No, unless it’s good aged cheese, wine, or sausage or something like that that’s edible,” he laughed.

“And I have had questions that people are asking if this is edible. I would highly recommend not. This thing looks perfectly edible but it’s been sitting in the dust for six years so don’t, don’t eat this thing!”

When asked to describe the meal, he said the bun looks the same as the day it was bought except that it’s now as hard as a hockey puck. The meat went “a bit flat” but still looks like a meat patty while “the slice of stuff they call cheese” went a bit brown.

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Bidding on the McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries ends next Thursday.

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