Winnipeg doggy daycare shares video of would-be thieves facing karma

Two Winnipeg suspects have taken the term ‘hit and run’ to a whole other level.

Surveillance footage from doggy daycare and groomers Central Bark seems to show a robbery gone very wrong.

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Video shows a pair parking in the lot at the back of the Portage Avenue business and jumping out of their van. The driver grabs a garbage bin — full of dog poop — while the passenger grabs a broken sign.

But while the suspects were making a run for it, one of them gets run over.

The driver appears to get spooked, dropping the bin and trying to take off. But the passenger hasn’t made it back into the vehicle before the van door knocks him down. The driver then takes off without his co-hort.

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Staff at Central Bark question what the pair were really hoping to get.

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“When I saw the video i thought ‘why would you want to steal a garbage bin full of feces and what were you planning on doing with that and a broken sign?’ It was definitely a shocker to see such a lame attempt at stealing anything,” dog groomer Attieh said.

The store owner said even though the two haven’t been found, they’ve been caught on camera.

“I thought it was more funny than anything and it looks like they’re up to no good and got some karma by themselves,” co-owner Terry said.

They have been in contact with Winnipeg police, but have not yet filed a formal report.

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