Brazen ATM heist in Shellbrook, Sask. caught on video

Video shows ATM being stolen from Shellbrook, Sask. gas station
WATCH ABOVE: A path of destruction was created as thieves stole an ATM from a gas station in Shellbrook, Sask.

An ATM theft from a Shellbrook, Sask., gas station has RCMP looking for two suspects.

It happened at the Tempo Gas Station in the early morning hours of June 30.

Two thieves were caught on security footage using a truck to smash open the door. One suspect then tied a strap around the ATM before they truck was used to removed the machine from inside.

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“To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Kerby Tang, the owner of the gas station .

“Kind of resembles something you’d see out of a Hollywood movie with the damage and the carnage.”

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The ATM demolished everything in its path.

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“From all the fixtures, to the coffee island, to the front door,” Tang told Global News. “The north wall has been dislodged to the tune of a foot to 14 inches.”

It’s the second break in at the store in 10 days.

“Same type of deal, they tied on to the front door, tore it off,” Tang said. “Strange there was nothing lost.”

WATCH BELOW: Adam MacVicar reports on a Brazen ATM heist in Shellbrook, Sask.

Brazen ATM heist in Shellbrook, Sask.
Brazen ATM heist in Shellbrook, Sask.

Tempo Gas Station has been in Tang’s family since 2000. It remains open, but not for long. Tang said they were originally planning on closing this week to renovate and expand the business.

“This definitely puts a dark cloud over it for my last couple days of operations,” Tang said.

Any information about the suspects is still unknown, including their gender, but the truck was believed to have been stolen from the Shellbrook Ford dealership; it was later recovered along with an empty ATM.

Despite the robbery, Tang is warning other business owners to be sure to lock up their stores to possibly prevent a robbery of this nature in the future.

“Take nothing for granted, because this is probably a worse case scenario for an operation like this.”

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