Lethbridge city councillor frustrated after finding trash, animal remains steps away from park

Click to play video: 'Lethbridge city councillor frustrated after finding trash, animal remains steps away from park' Lethbridge city councillor frustrated after finding trash, animal remains steps away from park
A Lethbridge city councillor was taken back by what he found while taking his dogs for a walk near Pavan Park on Canada Day — a pile of garbage containing a deer's head was sitting on top of the coulees. Kyle Benning reports. WARNING: Some of the images in this story may not be suitable for all viewers – Jul 2, 2018

A Lethbridge city councillor was walking his dog near Pavan Park on Canada Day when he came across a large pile of garbage sitting on top of a coulee along his regular route.

“My first reaction was anger. Like what the hell are people doing? And then we saw the deer carcass – what remained of it.”

He believes the person or people who left the rubbish would’ve had to know about the area due to is being a couple of hundred metres away from the nearest paved road.

“This was premeditated. It was people that knew this area and they pretty much had to come here during the day or when there is light because it’s a very difficult drive to get to this spot.”

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Miyashiro said he’s at a bit lost as to how so much garbage was found at the top of the coulee considering it could’ve been dumped at the nearby landfill for free on Saturday.

“I believe it’s because they had no other means to get rid of that carcass. I think they thought this was the best idea or the easiest idea I guess,” he said.

Miyashiro said he reported the animal to provincial authorities.

A provincial official says Alberta Fish and Wildlife is aware of the discovery.

“Fish and Wildlife officers have not been able to determine when or how this deer died,” said Brendon Cox, a spokesman for Alberta Justice.

“At this time, we cannot confirm that a hunting violation has taken place. For example, it may be that deer was harvested in the fall during the hunting season, and that the carcass was not disposed of until later. It may also be that the deer died of other causes and was found by a landowner on their property.”

Anyone who has more information about the incident is encouraged to phone the Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

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The ministry also noted the incident falls between them and the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General as the animal was likely poached out of season.

Burbridge Farms Ltd. owns the property and noted many people dump on their land.

The farm manager said it happens at least three times a month – and in some cases happens several times a week.

Koos Wysbeek noted either the company or someone from the landfill has to come clean up the mess.

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Miyashiro said some people don’t realize it, but leaving garbage comes at a price.

“There is always a cost to this and people don’t realize this is a cost to somebody. Cost to the taxpayer, it has a cost to the government and someone has to clean it up.”

Lethbridge’s city bylaw reads anyone caught illegally dumping garbage can be fined up to $500.

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