A smart way to reduce drying time and other laundry hacks

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The laundry hacks you need to know
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Laundry is done throughout the year, but there is something about summer that can make it seem like we’re doing a lot more.

From dirt and grass stains to sweat stains to even unloading vacation clothes, summer brings out a lot more loads.

In a recent post for, cleaning expert Jolie Kerr told the site her secret to avoiding twisted up sheets in the wash.

“Not overstuffing the washing machine is the best way to avoid a set of soggy, tangled up sheets,” she said. The site also adds that placing sheets in a mesh bag can also avoid a tangled mess.

And because you may be doing extra laundry this season, it’s also a good time to learn new tricks. Below lifestyle bloggers Sylvia Wu and Angela Lanter share some of their favourite laundry hacks for the summer.

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Know when to cut out detergent

If you are washing white clothes, Lanter suggests skipping detergent and fabric softener while using bleach.

“I find detergent and softener can interfere with the bleach doing its job. I run the washer on the whites cycle in cold water,” she says. “If you don’t have a white cycle on your washing machine, just run a normal cycle with cold water. I then run a second cycle on normal with my usual detergent and softener to get out the bleach smell and add an extra rinse on to ensure that all traces of the bleach are gone.”

Yes, towels can be clean

No matter how many times you wash a towel, sometimes it still feels unclean. “The problem could be fabric softener build up, which leaves your towels stiffer, stinkier and less absorbent than usual,” Lanter says.

In a hack she found on Pinterest (and lives by), Lanter suggests washing your towels on a normal cycle with hot water and adding one cup of white vinegar.

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“I add the vinegar directly to the drum and skip detergent and softener,” she says. “After that cycle is complete, add 1/2 cup of baking soda [again, directly to drum] and run on normal cycle with hot water. Skip the detergent and softener again. After the second cycle is complete, dry as normal.”

Reduce drying time

“Reduce your drying time drastically by throwing in a dry towel with your clothes,” Wu says.

Use a pool noodle

Wu suggests using a pool noodle to dry your clothes, instead of using just a rack.

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“Cut one side lengthwise and slip over your drying rack. That way, when you hang your clothes on the rounded noodle, it’ll prevent creases in your clothing.”

Give life to your sneakers

Summer can also lead to dirty sneakers and instead of throwing them out, throw them in the washing machine to bring them back to life.

“Throw a couple of old towels in the washing machine. I prefer to use towels that I don’t care are mixed with dirty shoes, so car washing or garage towels are perfect. Remove your shoelaces and put them in your handy dandy small laundry bag,” Lanter says.

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Use a stain removal spray and spray the fabric of your shoes before tossing them in. “I throw my shoes and bag of shoelaces on top of the towels, then add one to two more towels on top. I then add in my normal detergent as well as a scoop of Oxiclean to really knock out the stains and also clean the bottoms and interiors of the shoes.”

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Run your machine on a delicate cycle and once complete, use the stain remover again if you still see stains.

Save beach towels

“With more pool and beach time this summer, make sure you keep towels soft with vinegar,” Wu says. Throw a cup in your rinse cycle to fight the detergent build up and mineral deposits that roughen up your towels.

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