Southern Manitoba hailstorm could cost $15M in insurance claims

Last week's hailstorm could lead to $15 M in insurance claims. Joe Scarpelli/Global News

A hailstorm that dropped softball sized hail on some parts of southern Manitoba last week could lead to $15 million dollars in insurance claims with Manitoba Public Insurance.

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On Thursday a series of thunderstorms rolled across the province, leaving a wide swath of damage in its wake.

In Ninette, the hail not only dented cars, it smashed out windows, and ripped the siding off campers, boats and homes.

MPI said Monday it’s already processed 2,000 claims, but expects that number to double to 4,000 claims by the end of the week

“This could cost upwards of 10, 15 million dollars,” Manitoba Public Insurance spokesperson Brian Smiley said.

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“The size of the stones was considerable…causing significant damage to vehicles.”

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MPI plans to open two emergency hail centers in Winkler and Ninette to help process the claims.


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