June 14, 2018 5:08 pm

Man pushes disabled woman all the way home after her wheelchair engine burned out

WATCH: When a disabled woman was stranded after her electric wheelchair burned out, this man pushed her all the way home.


Sometimes you can’t rely on technology, but you can rely on the goodness of people’s hearts.

Bilal Quintyne, a 24-year-old resident of Smyrna, Ga., was out for a morning run when he came across a disabled woman stranded on the side of the road. It seems that her wheelchair engine had burned out, leaving her precariously perched between the sidewalk and a busy street.

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“She asked if I could call for help and I said, ‘I’m in good shape. Where is your house? I’ll take you myself,’” Quintyne said to Yahoo Lifestyle.

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The amateur boxer and father-of-two then sprang into action. He removed his T-shirt to help battle the 32 C heat and proceeded to push the woman all the way home.

When Quintyne reached the woman’s house, he asked her where she was headed before her wheelchair broke down. She told him she was going to get groceries, so Quintyne offered to run to the supermarket for her.

“When I learned she was on her way to the grocery store, I offered to go food shopping for her, but she wouldn’t allow me,” he said.

“She was crying, very grateful, and said that many people had driven by without stopping to help.”

Quintyne’s friend took video of his Good Samaritan act and posted it to Facebook where it has since received more than three million views.

The video is captioned: “God’s Plan. God’s Work. Her battery gave out and she didn’t no [sic] how she was getting home. God blessed me with a [sic] able body. So WE pulled her home. A mile or not I wouldn’t go home until she was home. Period.”

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When asked why he took it upon himself to push the woman home, as opposed to calling for help as she had suggested, Quintyne answered that he was merely “doing my job.”

“There’s so much hatred in the world and it costs nothing to love someone. My only goal in sharing this is to restore the values we’ve lost as people.”

Unfazed by his morning jog and the added one-mile trek to the woman’s house, Quintyne then hit the gym.

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