Cases of syphilis and gonorrhea on the rise in southern Alberta

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Alberta Health Services officials say they’re concerned about an apparent spike in cases of syphilis and gonorrhea in the South Zone.

AHS says between January and March of this year, 11 cases of gonorrhea were documented in the southern region, which is two more than the total number of cases reported in 2017.

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“It is not unusual for individuals who have a sexually-transmitted infection (STI) to have more than one STI at the same time,” AHS said in a news release on Tuesday.

Health officials say three new cases of gonorrhea were recently identified in the South Zone, prompting a reminder about the importance of safe sex practices among all sexually-active age groups, including seniors.

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“Individuals with gonorrhea may have numerous sexual contacts – both known to them and anonymous – who have been potentially exposed,” AHS said.

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If you think you may have been exposed to an STI you’re encouraged to call HealthLink at 811 or see your family physician.  More resources are available on AHS’s website for sexual health.