Langley high school students step in to sandbag First Nations communities at risk of flooding

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With First Nations communities like Kwantlen and Katzie at risk of flooding, hundreds of high school students throughout Langley rallied together and each picked up a shovel to fill up sandbags.

Both communities are located near the banks of the Fraser River.

Nearly 250 students showed up to volunteer on Thursday after a vice principal from Langley Fundamental Secondary heard that Katzie was under evacuation and needed help.

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“Neil Powell, one of our vice principals at Langley fundamental, heard about the situation on the news,” said Ken Hoff, communications manager for the Langley School District.

“And he wondered if there was a way that students could help out.”

Hoff said Powell reached out to Michael Morgan, a principal for aboriginal education. And from there, they reached superintendent Gord Stewart to see if there was a way to communicate with students.”

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“We’ve had some overwhelming support from our students that have stepped up and volunteered, and we’re really quite proud of their efforts and their willingness to step up and help out a community neighbour,” Hoff said.

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The students packed and stacked sandbags all day on Thursday, but Hoff said the fight’s not over, and if need be, the teenagers are ready to go back for another round.

“We’re very proud of them and the efforts and their willingness to come out today and they are ready to go tomorrow if that’s needed,” he said.