Winnipeg Police investigating multiple online ad robberies

Programmer or computer hacker typing code on laptop keyboard.
Programmer or computer hacker typing code on laptop keyboard. Towfiqu Photography / Getty Images

Winnipeg Police’s Major Crimes Unit is investigating numerous robberies stemming from online classified ads.

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Police are reminding people that online sales allow criminals to remain anonymous, while at the same time taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers and sellers.

In a media release Friday, officers provided some crime prevention tips to ensure everyone stays safe while navigating online classifieds.

    • Ask for a photo of the serial number before meeting and attempt to confirm the item hasn’t been reported stolen
    • Don’t give out personal information
    • Google the buyer/sellers name
    • Ask about the history of the item being sold
    • Meet during daylight hours
    • Make arrangements to meet in the public place equipped with surveillance cameras
    • Do not transfer/provide money to the person before receiving the product
    • Do not meet someone alone
    • Use generic photos
    • Follow your gut – if something feels wrong, it probably is
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