Ji Hun Kim, 22-year-old student from South Korea, dies in Toronto van attack

WATCH ABOVE: Police have released the identities of those who died in Monday's van attack in Toronto. As Allison Vuchnich reports, eight women and two men were killed.

Toronto police have identified Ji Hun Kim has one of the 10 victims who died in a van attack on Yonge Street Monday afternoon.

Police said Kim was a student who lived in the city but was originally from South Korea.

The Korean Canadian Cultural Association organized a vigil at a memorial for the victims in Mel Lastman Square Friday evening. Those in attendance subsequently marched up Yonge Street to Olive Square, the site of a second memorial and near where the attack first began.

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Raymond Cho, the Member of Provincial Parliament for Scarborough–Rouge River, attended the vigil. He said he has been speaking with Kim’s father to try to provide assistance.

“He couldn’t believe–he was very shocked … I asked the father if he could come here today. He said he’s not too sure. He’s too shaken,” Cho told Global News after the vigil.

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“The sad part is she … is the only daughter, the only child, and she got killed here.”

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Meanwhile, Korean Canadian Cultural Association president Daniel Lee said community members are working to provide financial and logistical support to several victims’ families.

So He Chung and Chul Min ‘Eddie’ Kang, Toronto residents who had Korean heritage, also died in the attack. Twelve other victims are in hospital, three of whom have Korean background.

Lee said he met with family members at the airport and some were overcome with grief.

“Walking to the cars, waiting for them to transport to hospital or take them to the accommodation, they couldn’t even walk themselves. They had to have somebody to assist them to walk … because of the loss,” he said.

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Lee described the local Korean community as “tightly-knit.” He said since six victims (three who died and three who were injured) come from a Korean background, there was an importance of coming together.

“It deeply impacted us. This neighbourhood is mainly Korean businesses and is right in the heart of the Korean community,” Lee said.

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“We’re in a sense of sadness. We’re in a sense of shock.”

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Another vigil will be held for victims of the attack at Mel Lastman Square on Sunday beginning at 7 p.m.

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