Squamish is the hottest place in Canada and Chilliwack broke a 121-year-old record

The sun has been a familiar sight for people across B.C. these past few days. Gavin Price / Getty Images

It was a day for record-high temperatures on Wednesday across many areas of Southern B.C.

Squamish recorded the highest temperature reading in Canada with 27.8 C.

Chilliwack also broke a 121-year-old record for April 26 temperatures with 26.5 C.

“More heat is on the way Thursday with several record maximums likely to be set again,” says Global News meteorologist Mark Madryga. “While the heat will hold on Friday in the B.C. Interior, the South Coast won’t be as hot as Thursday due to a shift to marine air in the afternoon and evening.”

Check out some of these temperatures on Wednesday April 25!
Check out some of these temperatures on Wednesday April 25!. Global News

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Highs will still reach up to 22 C in the sunshine on Friday.

“A substantial change in the weather will kick in on the weekend, as extensive cloud cover will arrive along with showers and much cooler afternoons, with high temperatures only near 13 C,” adds Madryga.

“In the Southern Interior, after several days of heat, cooler air later Saturday and on Sunday will be accompanied by many showers.”

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