B.C. municipal election 2018: Port Clements results

Douglas Daugert was elected mayor of Port Clements. He won by acclamation.

Kazamir Falconbridge, Ian Gould, and Teri Kish were elected to council along with incumbent Brigid Cumming.



Douglas Daugert


Brigid Cumming (incumbent)

Kazamir Falconbridge

Ian Gould

Teri Kish

Betty Stewart (incumbent)

Deena Wilson


The Village of Port Clements is located on Haida Gwaii, on the shore of Masset Inlet and about 43 kilometres from Masset proper.

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Population (2016)



The post-contact history of Port Clements began with explorers who named the area as they saw fit, despite the history of the Haida people who lived there since time immemorial.

Then trade of products such as fish, otter pelts and seals happened between 1774 and the early 1800s.

Eli Tingley would arrive in Port Clements in 1907 with an idea for a townsite.

It would be named for MP Herb Clements, and in exchange, the community received a government wharf.

The First World War was rough on Port Clements, as communication with the community broke down and residents went off to fight.

However economic activity picked up when Port Clements started supplying spruce for airplanes being used in the war.

Two mills would start operating, and hundreds of loggers would be needed throughout Masset Inlet.

But activity slowed after the war, and would pick up again with the Second World War — spruce would once more come into high demand.

Port Clements was incorporated as a village in 1975. To this day, logging remains its central industry.

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Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)

Not enough data was available from the 2016 Census to provide this metric.

Political representation


Nathan Cullen (NDP)


Jennifer Rice (BC NDP)